WFW2011 Singapore Haute Couture Exhibition

Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Chairman Frank Cintamani

Singapore’s first ever Haute Couture exhibition debuted on 6th October 2011, a range of Haute Couturiers have flown over their esoteric design creations from France for the spectacular exhibition. Prominent names such as Gustavo Lins and Stephane Rolland, Anne Valérie Hash, Christophe Josse, Dominique Sirop, Alexis Mabille, Eymeric François and Maxime Simoens would be presented during the inaugural Haute Couture week in Singapore from 26 to 30 October.

My eyes feasted on the delicate world of Haute Couture with the most intricate designs made and worn by the likes of celebrity and royalty:

Alexis Mabille’s collection awed the media with 6 select haute couture pieces. He had flown in from Paris specially to grace the event. Alexis Mabille’s elegant white evening gowns were made with a marriage of luxurious silks, chiffons, silk crepes and laces.

The impressive intricate designs by Alexis Mabille epitomises dress making in its finest form:

Haute Couturier Alexis Mabille explaining his breathtaking collection.

A collaboration with the best-in-class logistics service provider DHL enables Women’s Fashion Week to transform into a world class Haute Couture event with specially selected trees and Haute Couture pieces being flown in for the runway event. Partnerships with Montblanc and Rolls Royce create synergies due to their similar luxury concept of individual craftsmanship.

WFW 2011 Singapore Chairman Frank Cintamani with Haute Couturier Alexis Mabille.

A prelude to the Haute Couture Week is the WFW 2011 Singapore Haute Couture Exhibition. From 6 to 31 October, an exclusive exhibition featuring dozens of Haute Couture creations, retrospective and current, from various Couturiers will be on display. The collection will showcase the rarefied craftsmanship that is inherent in Haute Couture. The exhibition opens at The Shoppes‟ Grand Colonnade South, and will be on display throughout the mall at five locations over the entire month. WFW 2011 Singapore will present a season of prêt-a-porter shows from 21 to 23 October and exclusive shows which will showcase Parisian Haute Couture in Singapore from 26 to 30 October. – WFW2011

Please click here to Chic Prince B’s Facebook page for more images of the Haute Couture exhibition


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