Veira Singapore Fall 2011 Collection

Veira’s Singapore homegrown bag concept is derived from designing quirky statement pieces. The look is contemporary, yet classic; functional, yet fashionable; minimalist, yet intricate. The label is built upon a mixture of modern female flair, inspired by vintage silhouettes and complemented by an array of innovative detailing.

Veira embraces Fall ’11 with a walk down town filled with contemporary spirit. A revival of the fifties chic elegance, Tromp Around Town unveils a new collection of classic silhouettes for the stylish shopper, sassy social butterfly or casual saunterer.

Here are my favourite Veira bags:

A flaming red leather trimmed canvas structured bag is made practical with a double handle for a girl to -carry her bag, or be hands free by utilising the shoulder strap. A whimsical faux zip pocket draws attention.

For the ladies who like to keep it toned down for work purpose, why not check out this canvas shoulder bag with light brown leather trimmings!

An envelope bag has certainly been universally agreed by fashionistas to be the essential statement piece in a fashionable wardrobe. This beige full calf leather envelope bag features a red button wax stamp like closure and a shoulder strap.

A givaway is going on till 16 Sept 2011! Do check out Veira’s facebook page and place a comment on the item you like! You might just win it!





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