Fashionably Sustainable Singapore 2011

Fashionably Sustainable 2011

Fashionably sustainable 2011 is ultimately about being forward thinking by “Greening” the way we look and embrace fashion.

The environment and its preservation has become key concern in today’s society. The fashion designer is faced with a question that is both a challenge and an opportunity: How does one maintain a high level of quality and creativity, without compromising your responsibility to the environment and its future generations.

One must think of how not only to consume less, but consume differently!
Fashionably sustainable 2011 is a design contest organised by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore) to challenge aspiring fashion designers and industry practitioners to develop innovative apparel creations toward fashion design for sustainability. It encourages designers to make their creative vision congruent to their role as stakeholders in a world in need of protection and care.

7 finalists had been selected to showcase their collection for Fashionably Sustainable for the first ever sustainable competition organised in Singapore where participating fashion designers have created six designs that met the sustainable fashion criteria of being environmentally and socially friendly.

The two winners of the competition will each win $1,500 and a trip to Paris Fashion Week, with an individual winner getting $500 and a chance to participate in Hong Kong in the grand finale organised by Society of Dyers and Colourists. The competition received 44 submissions and 7 were shortlisted to produce their collection at the Fashionably Sustainable Fashion Show.

The contestants collections 
Each design piece corresponds with the designer description:

Self taught visual artist, designer and milliner Chee Saufen. graduate Chew Yixin who draws energy for her inspiration from the stars, her collection in bright yellow utilises simple, fluid lines.

LaSalle graduate Dezmond Lin Shaowei, who was also a finalist in regional competition Star Creation, showcased his collection at Blueprint and Zirca. His collection showcases contradictions of masculinity and feminity with structured and soft, matt and shine to create a structured yet soft silhouette.

Raffles Design Institute undergraduate Nathaphol Sirivitpakdikul (Paul) bases his collection on monochromatic colours.

Temasek polytechnic Fashion graduate Chen Sihua draws inspiration for her collection from candle carving.

Tracy Wong Yuen Ping created her multimorphosis collection to have the versatility to be born in various ways to increase wearability and therefore decrease carbon footprint.

Textile Design post-graduate Patel Shivangi Gautam comes out with a new concept “Think in the box” for her collection of garments and accessories inspired with textures and colours of a corrugated board box to envision sustainability.

Panel of judges for Fashionably Sustainable are:

Dro Tan Guan Liang who helms Matex business development for sustainable manufacturing business in dyes and materials.

Elim Chew founder of 77th Street a youth and young adults streetwear fashion and accessories retail chain.

Fashion Designer Frederick Lee who uses non traditional materials for his designs.

Gladys Chung features writer for The Straits Times Urban who has keen interest in eco-fashion.

Rajesh Chhabara, an expert in sustainability and advisor to TaFtc Singapore.

Check out the runway photos:

Chee Saufen’s designs: Body flattering dresses accentuated a women’s curvature.

Patel Shivangi Gautam  designs: An abstract idea was derived from the humble cardboard box. Interesting textured materials were utilised for dresses to create a unique visual experience.
Nathaphol Sirivitpakdikul (Paul) designs: Monochromatic dresses with the androgynous charm of sleek coat-dresses.
Chew Yixin designs: A yellow summery palate of yellow dresses with multiple pleat detail.
The winners of Fashionably Sustainable are:

1st Place winners Chee Saufen and Chew Yixun2nd Place winner Chen Si Hua! Congratulations!

Chee Saufen:

Chew Yixun:

Chen Si Hua:

Disciplines covered are Merchandising, Quality, Design, Visual Merchandising and Product Development.

Photos credit: Aaron Han


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