Burberry BODY launch

Burberry: The famous British brand synonymous with timeless quality trench coats and signature checks has launched its new fragrance line known as Burberry Body.

Burberry Body is a feminine fragrance which has scent notes of Peach, Iris and Rose. The fragrance is encapsulated in a gorgeously sleek unbreakable glass bottle. The crystal shaped glass has been treated to withstand the hard knocks and drops of life. (good for traveling). The bottle is ornately capped in rose gold check with a diamond cut faceted top cap that allows light to shine through its multi faceted body like a brilliant diamond.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley, top fashion model and a rising star actress since Transformers 3, is the face of the campaign:

The Burberry event held at Ion Orchard celebrated the launch of the Burberry Body Fragrance line.

The hanging decor of bottles sparkled like chandeliers with a variety of Burberry Body bottle sizes.

The presentation of the Burberry Body bottle with a video demonstration on the backdrop.

Burberry Nude collection was launched in conjunction with Burberry Body:

A whole collection of figure flattering trench coats in the softest of Gabardine waterproof material invented by Thomas Burberry, were of a neutral coloured pink palette. A range of bags spotted the same neutral pink colour was married with soft suede.

An intricate lace trench coat.

The ultra soft leather suede bag.

Sales associate Jessie Lau was very kind to demonstrate how the trench coat could be configured into 3 looks, the look below is for women to flaunt their dresses while keeping their trench coat on:

Jessie explaining how Burberry has advanced in technology to place runway shows live from Milan and London for all the world to be mesmerised.

Celebrities in attendence were (left to right) Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Dai Yang Tian and Zhou Ying:


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