Hermes: Festival Des Metiers 3-7 Sept 2011

Festival Des Metiers held at Paragon Orchard celebrates the intricate, tireless art of supreme quality craftsmanship of the French House of Hermes. It has landed in Singapore from 3rd Sept to 7th Sept to publicly showcase its talented French craftsman who would demonstrate their work and answer any queries you may have! Chat with them upclose and personal, if you do not have any French vocabulary knowledge, a translator is standing right next to each demonstration section.

If you do own a piece of Hermes, come down by today (the last day) to appreciate how your item was painstakingly created. If you have not purchased anything, this might just encourage you to own a piece of Hermes’s long drawn heritage from its beginnings of making sturdy leather horse saddles to the most coveted Hermes Birkin bag- the epitome of status and luxury.

The House of orange:

Demonstrations of the silk screening process:

Admirably soft silk scarves in a variety of vibrant prints:

The French craftsman demonstrating the Hermes Men’s silk tie.

The craftsman fashioning patterns on a porcelain plate 

The Craftman demonstrating the making of an intricate cuff bracelet:

The very essence of the Hermes quality spirit, which is the manufacture of the finest and sturdiest horse saddles:







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