FADLI RAHMAN Solo Exhibition : “…And God created Man.”

Dark, volatile and emotive, Fadli Rahman’s photographs encapsulate the rawness and sensuality that can characterise fashion photography. Fadli’s exhibit at TriSpace is a review of his works over the last two years and would be showcased at Lasalle@TriSpace for public viewing till 22 Sep 2011.

I had the opportunity to attend the preview launch of Fadli Rahman’s fashion photography.

It is a must-see exhibit to keep track of Singapore’s homegrown rising talents, who would bring international acclaim for Singapore!

Fadli has the exceptionally talented skill to capture photos which have visual impact. The looks are of timeless quality and could be published for a high fashion magazine front cover spread! Do head down to Lasalle to admire and be engaged by the photos for an experience of creativity!

Here are the photos:

His focus on the male physique and female domination – that real masculinity is expressed through genuine submission and that man is exalted only when he is willing to be humbled – is an exploration of the human anatomy.

Challenging the public perception of nudity as taboo, he hopes to provoke the usually conservative viewer with his bold and extroverted photographs.

He has shot for emerging local designers and the new faces of the fashion world and cites photographers such as Steven Klein, Mario Sorrenti and Juergen Teller as his inspiration.

Fadli Rahman (extreme left) and friends.

Jewelry Designer Yahn Adam and Moe with Fadli Rahman (centre).

Raisa from Best of British!

Event Facebook Page: Fadli Rahman Solo Exhibition

Runway Addict Facebook Page

Event exhibition address:

TriSpace, #B1-05, Lasalle College of The Arts.

McNally Street.

Singapore, Singapore

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