AL&ALICIA Fall 2011 collection Porcelain &China dolls

AL&ALICIA has been featured at Blueprint 2011, an international fashion trade show. The designer Alicia draws inspiration from dance movements which lead to the creation of the 25 piece collection’s name Porcelain and China dolls.

Expect designs which feature a soft palette of dreamy gold and black, combined with romantic beiges, warm grays and rich jewel tones of navy and purple.

Certain favourites are the shawl collar jackets, androgynous in nature, have an extraordinary soft cozy inner lining (yes i tried it on myself!).

AL&ALICIA’s collection is versatile in the way that one could put it to good use for daily routine wear to corporate office functions to evening occasions.

Here are the launch event photos at Isetan Scotts #2F:

The sales staff looking very much like a flawless mannequin herself!

Select pieces I find to be most interesting:

A black jacket with a lace lapel!

My recommended jacket in grey with a strong angular lapel.

An ultra soft light weight shirt featuring chest pockets.

Polka dot dress shorts! Ideal for dance activities!

A fabulous dress with streaks of  horizontal stripes in shimmering sateen finish.

Looks like a winner for that evening date you want to impress.

An unusual blouse featuring a marriage of grey with beige with larger sleeve endings for flexible arm movement. I would think a dancer would like to wear it!

Purple dress with horizontal stripes pieced together! Creative work!

A myriad of interesting shoes and bags with exotic leather prints:

The fashionable folks which I had the best opportunity to mingle with:

Amanda from trying out the label’s clothes.

Dawn from trying out an entire ensemble, looking fabulously chic!

The merchandiser of AL&ALICIA, Ally.

A nice touch with raspberry champagne! Cheers!

AL&ALICIA Facebook page

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