UNIQLO’s UT Grand Prix Theme competition for 2012: Coca-Cola

UNIQLO is once again holding its annual UT Grand Prix, a design contest that uses T-shirts as a canvas for graphics, messages and other forms of free expression. This competition, which includes cash prizes, is a global showcase for artists seeking recognition for their work. The theme for the UT Grand Prix 2012 is Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most valuable brand.

Entries will be accepted from Monday, August 4. The top 10 designs, as chosen by UNIQLO, The Coca-Cola Company and through a popular vote, will be sold as UT designs at UNIQLO stores throughout the world.

UNIQLO invites talented, creative individuals across the globe to submit their own designs for this contest, which was established in 2005 to provide support and inspiration to all artists.

Work your creative juices and submit an entry for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Submission Methods 

Visit the exclusive UT Grand Prix website for details:



Grand Prize x 1:

US$10,000, A special limited edition copy of “Coca-Cola” by Assouline – a beautifully

crafted book celebrating The Coca-Cola brand’s iconic visual history, released this

year to mark the 125th birthday of Coca-Cola, and more!

Most Voted Prize x 1:

US$5,000, A standard edition of “Coca-Cola” book by Assouline, and more!

Judges’ Prize x 5:

US$3,000 , A standard edition of “Coca-Cola” by Assouline signed by the judges,

and more!

Runner-Up Prize x 3:

US$1,000 , A standard edition of “Coca-Cola” book by Assouline, and more!

All ten finalists will get their T-shirt designs made and sold across Uniqlo’s

worldwide store network, as well as receive a one-off set of costume Coca-Cola

bottles with their artwork. More details about the prizes for the top 10 designs will

be released on the website at a later date.


UT Grand Prix Office

Email: utgp2012@uniqlo.co.jp

Note that entries will not be accepted if they are sent directly to this address.


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