Zouk’s Flea & Easy x Creme Creative Market event happenings

A first ever experience of Zouk’s Flea market ended with many happy (buys) returns!

Contrary to popular belief that Flea markets only sell 2nd hand clothes, this flea also plays host to local designer labels such as SIFR, WANDERWONDER, BagAge and Fabrix cases were all selling brand new items at a cheaper price only available at this flea event!

Trance music filled the air in a lower volume to give an energy boost to the shopping atmosphere!


Singapore’s own homegrown label SIFR was encouraging consumers to purchase their products with T-shirts going at only $5 and collared shirts and jackets going at a mere $10!

Owners Chris and Suraj were present to promote their products. (above picture)


Bouncing rubber sole shoes coming in many patterns and varieties! The brogue shoes with intricate wing tip designs are my favourite! Coming in soon are the ones with suede tops matched with leather wing tips, check with WANDERWONDER to make reservations!


The lovely pair of designers wearing nautical stylish jackets from the label BagAge!

Check out their whimsical yet utilitarian designs for laptop bags and envelops, to too-cool-for-school-bags.

Prices are reasonable at $40 odd depending on design, the bags are made of leather matched with fabrics.

Creative use of fabric colours matched with light leather tones.

Spotted: Sold! To a buyer who likes their countryside-feel backpack!


Fabrix cases carry different kinds of cases for all kinds of needs, in a modern and trendy take. Some pronounce you mean business, or that you like to look fashionable with bright and bold colours, or that you like your cases to be whimsical and fun looking with graphic prints.

Fabrix uses the most interesting materials I have ever encountered. Materials used range from felt wool to printed cotton.

Spotted Shopping with style: 

Miscellanous items I found to be of interest:


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