DEPRESSION label: LOVE Series Matching designs for parents and their kids

Famous local cult label DEPRESSION founded by Designers Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh has a huge following in Singapore for the style conscious who want to look unconventional wearing its boundary pushing cutting edge designs. Expect ironic and humourous designs aimed to entertain. DEPRESSION has been stocked internationally as well at Triple Major (Beijing), Deeplay (Taipei) and Board of Trade (Vancouver).

For PARCO next NEXT’s Nation Pride happening on 6 August 2011 till 15 August 2011, DEPRESSION launches its first ever diffusion line featuring designs for Kids Wear. Appropriately created for Nation Pride, the collection would be a family experience, with matching adult and kid sizes for a style conscious parent to start educating and developing their kids sartorial sensibilities from a young age.

I observe that learning to dress sensibly with style comes from experience and exposure, which could well nurture young minds, giving them exposure to appreciate local designs.  Time for a new era of children’s wear!


Women’s oversized ‘heart’ jersey top $79

Children’s Girl ‘heart’ top $59

For women’s wear and girl’s wear: An impressive overall unique Heart shaped t shirt with an innovative reversible design (red and black) shifts away from the perception of a conventional tee shirt. Whimsical with a heart motif placed in a small pocket, and Wearable for a casual weekend out with the kids, parents wearing this design together with their children would certainly create a head turning effect to other envious onlookers.


Men’s heart-in-pocket t-shirt $49

Children’s Boy t-shirt $39

For men’s wear and boy’s wear: A tee shirt with an insert chest pocket potrays a cheerful heart being placed into it. I find it to be very much wearable and would bring forth a warm family spirit when the whole family wears the LOVE series.

The ‘LOVE’ series will debut at ‘NATION PRIDE – HOME’, at Millenia Walk, Great Hall, and will be sold at DEPRESSION’s Parco boutique level 2 as well. The public retail-cum-art installation will start from 6 August 2011 and run till 15 August 2011, and will also feature other local designers and their works for National Day.

“We are making a statement about how proud we are to be a Singapore-based label. Our series is titled ‘I LOVE SINGAPORE’. We’re re-inventing the classic Tee with heart-shaped motifs and prints,” said DEPRESSION co-owner Kenny Lim, adding that for the first time, the label would also put out kids’ wear.

DEPRESSION Facebook page 

DEPRESSION Twitter page


Why not check out DEPRESSION BIRTH DEFECTS COLLECTION 2011 to complement your LOVE series t shirt!

Boutique: Depression, Millenia Walk Parco #P2-21, Tel +65 98892179

Pop Up: Nation Pride- HOME, Millenia Walk Great Hall, Level 1 Atrium (5 Aug to 15 Aug 2011)


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