Best of British boutique: Designer Vintage Singapore sales!

Massive variety was noticed at the Designer Vintage sale! Held in a shop house, preloved designer clothes were being sold at a bargain price. For the men’s section, I noticed that there was a wide range of jeans and unique shirts from famous brands like Versace, Comme Des Garcons. The ladies have a wider variety from top line brands like Celine, Marc Jacobs, Versace and KTZ.

The men’s jeans tastefully laid out on leather sofa.

A huge variety to pick from for Men’s polo shirts to casual shirts.

Shoes selection for every occasion!

Cuffs and belts to up your street cred.

My friend Yahn Adam fancies this eye ring!

KTZ’s full soft leather dress embossed with pattern details! Tres Chic!


Nautical style is in! Grab yours now!

A multitude of accessories for the ladies!

Bling it up with this dress!

Bags for every occasion! One could never have enough bags!

Jeans at a mere $2? Amazingly low prices!

I will keep you posted when the next sale is on!



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