Butter Factory Annual Fash Mob 2011

A spectacular collection was showcased by creative designers Yi-Jun Ian and Yahn Adam for Butter Factory night club’s annual Fash Mob event. For ardent fans of all things unconventional these are the two designers to look out for.

Ian’s collection: “Garage Glamour”

The designer has interesting stories behind each piece’s inventive concept.

Bloody Mary: A spurned lover tied in with it’s religious connotation is about the threatening beauty of revenge. Bloody Mary is centered on the idea of a femme fatale hellbent on revenge.

Babylon Scarlet: A reference to the whore of Babylon said to come to prominence in the end times leading up to the apocalypse. Ian was imagining the extravagance and threatening horror of such a character. Extravagance as represented by the 8 feathers secured by black cable tie.

Cork+Screw rings: The desire to be tough as nails without a care in the world even while you’re bleeding from persecution.

The Ark & the Covenant rings: Ian wanted to capture the dense biblical history behind words like Noah’s ark and the new covenant of Christ no less.

Captured in an abstract representation of triangle holders and latticed metal balls.

Rouge Roulette signature half gloves: The idea of being bold and fighting for what you believe in the image of glamourised war mongering feminist if you will.

Ian and his sister.
The Dreamer’s Sleeves: From the story of Joseph and the Technicolour coat. They were strips of material taken from a technicolour floor mat and individually sewn onto an arm sleeves with a pair of them and as a whole represents the coming together of dreams.
A very personal piece of Ian’s collection.

Vintage bleach Vest

The New Black Vest
Ian describes them as the vests for the apocalypse. Inspired by his Israel trip, the slopes of Jerusalem were littered with graves and that reminded him of a verse in Revelations when the dead will rise again on Judgment Day.
He used a flower-patterned wooden block and jewelry crosses and manually printed it on silkscreen paint, onto a cut up blouse.

Contact Ian:


Email: morallygrayswan@gmail.com

Yahn Adam collection: “The Lost Toys”
The designer finds that the Iphone dominates and occupies most of the time of kids nowadays. It is interesting to see that technology plays a major role in childhood now. The designer is proud, that during his childhood, he was not limited to just one toy.
His collection entails child hood memories created through reinvention of lego designs and other artifacts which reflect the toys he loves. He finds that his collection goes beyond fashion, or Art, because wearing a piece of this collection would be reminiscent as part and parcel of your nostalgic childhood memories.
Slinky slings with chapteh feather choker necklace
Fancy party hat with a mask as its top, accessorised with a fan of UNO cards.
Ryan wearing Yahn Adam’s Spongebob creations
Whimsical Spongebob necklace, spongebob ring and spongebob sunglasses were created as Spongebob was Yahn Adam’s favourite cartoon series.
Friends of Yahn Adams Moe (left) and Suyin (right) wearing his creations. The cork screw ring on Suyin is by Ian.
Slinky sling 3D effect star necklace, the designer’s friend’s favourite childhood toy
The bubble maker was conceptualised by the designer observations while watching Sesame Street as a kid.
The boy in the show was blowing bubbles, he made his own bubble solution using diswashing liquid and blew the bubbles using a straw.
Lego pieces sparked creativity for Yahn Adam at tender age, which is one of his favourite toys during his childhood life.
He has created necklaces using colourful blocks of lego to form an army of lego figures with tassels attached.

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