AL&ALICIA’s first pop-up store at Wisma Atria! 20-30% discount!

AL&ALICIA has started its first pop-up store at the Wrap Around Boutique at Wisma Atria.

In addition to the Spring/ Summer 2011 collection available, past season favourites will be on sale at a 20% to 30% markdown! The pop- up shop can be found at the Wrap Around Boutique on the second floor of Wisma Atria for three months.

The Fall collection Porcelain and Chinadolls entails 25 dance-inspired looks that reflect the flow of movement within all dance genres:


Porcelain and Chinadolls features pieces in a soft palette of dreamy gold and black, combined with romantic beiges, warm grays and rich jewel tones of navy and purple. Fusing the functionality of sportswear with romantic innocence and fantasy, the collection comprises knit hoodies that can be thrown over porcelain satin blouses and paired with slouchy trousers, and also laid-back sweaters that can be layered over soft chiffon skirts and dresses.

Take this opportunity to support local designers!


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