Zouk Wardrobe presents Wardrobe 2011: OwnMuse (Women’s collection) and WANDERWONDER (Men’s collection)

Zouk Wardrobe’s runway show is a must watch for those for live and breathe for fashion, with its support for upcoming local designers. This year’s showcase had two local labels involved OwnMuse a women’s label and Wander Wonder a men’s label.


OwnMuse hopes to “inspire the everyday woman to be individual, exciting, and ultimately her own muse”. The idea of becoming your own muse would mean to create individuality in one’s own wardrobe choices, this would be made possible with the multitude of interesting dress designs which reflect feminity.

OwnMuse featured flowing dresses with geometric block colours and interesting shades paired with leggings.

The closing show of OwnMuse.

OwnMuse facebook page


Clothes that seek to refine men, which fill the gap ‘high street’ and ‘luxury fashion’ for men.

Details could be seen on tailored shirts, with highlight streaks of colour on shirts in the most unique areas that other designers would never envisage to place. Cropped three quarter pants narrowed at the knee area, in a variety of khaki and blues, with rolled up summer highlights of colour to bare the ankles in style. The main interest in the mens wear department was the 3/4 pants design, which could prove to be street-cred worthy in the near future.

Wander Wonder Facebook Page  


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