Noel Caleb presents Season 2: Honey in a Rock Collection

Noel Caleb’s collection features the ease of mix and match. The generous usage of buttery soft and shimmering cotton sateen, creates a luxurious comfortable feel. This is  further enhanced by a figure flattering cut which exudes utilitarian chic. The young label has fantastic style and design flair!

Multi faceted geometric gemstones are the design inspiration of Season 2. Fashionably elegant pieces are constructed from shapes and shades of fabric, in unique precious stone colours, creating interesting geometric diamond designs distinctively unique and exclusive to Noel Caleb.

Amazingly versatile ensembles, suitable for a casual shopping spree day out, or office attire, to evening function wear, you got to try Noel Caleb’s designs on yourself to feel the comfort and style quotient!

The skirt designs with side pleating details is a fresh idea with diamonds facets coming to mind! (Diamonds and beautiful rocks are after all a girl’s best friend!)

Do check the online store out! Prices look pretty reasonable at $70 for a top!

Noel Caleb’s online store page

Noel Caleb collaborated with Amado Gudek to create interesting rings which feature a big resin rock with small rocks integrated within it like a honey within a rock to add a complementary bling factor to your Noel Caleb ensemble!

The designer Shannon Lee graduated from Raffles Design Institution, and is a repeat prize winner for Young Singapore Designers Award, From Bedroom to Runway Fashion Show, Puma Rev up your Style and Uniform and Apparel design for the Singapore Tourism Board.

For more information:

Noel Caleb’s Facebook Friends page

Noel Caleb Facebook Page


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