KTZ fashion collection at Butter Factory Singapore

The night was still young after a full day learning experience, getting insights of the fashion industry’s environment from brand managers at Blueprint.

I headed down to Butter Factory at 1 Fullerton to attend the KTZ fashion collection which boasts the use of local mainstream street people over  fashion models, to prove that anyone hip and cool could wear KTZ designs to look smashing and fantastic. KTZ designs feature electric fluorescent prints and unique daring geometric pattern designs, giving the collection a fresh take and for the wearer to stand out from the conforming crowd and be different.

Here are the photos of the event:

Click here to view my fellow blogger’s take on the event!


7 thoughts on “KTZ fashion collection at Butter Factory Singapore

  1. Heyyyooo this lookin good! Why doncha put on the link at our BOB page and share it with the rest – i’ll let YOU do it! 😀

    thanks fer coming and supporting!

  2. Hey Rice, thank you for the invite and checking out my blog! Thanks a lot, I have added the link to BOB’s facebook page!
    You are awesome!

    I enjoyed myself at KTZ’s event!!!


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