Blueprint Emporium shopping: Interesting finds

Blueprint Emporium has started to open its doors to the public for this weekend.

Not all the items featured are on sale, but here are some of the labels which have caught my attention:

Label: KTZ

A pair of huge colorful rocks integrated on one finger creates a massive bling factor.

Electric flourescent colours make KTZ label’s designs pop out, I will feature the runway version in a later post.

Label:  Jason

The label Jason is formulated through creative tailoring and cuts for men.

Label:  Palasak

Palasak uses fine quality silk to create her shapely 3D origami dresses.

Label:  Apostrophe-P 

Unique cuts are shown in this label.

Label:  SIFR

SIFR clothes utilise fine quality cotton and, have intricate details for men who appreciate the finer things in life. The shoes look to be a must buy!


Label:  Jatalika

Award winning New York designer Aimee is behind the custom designed lion head which symobolises her personality through her Leo star sign. The lion symbol is made with intricate golden hardware emblazons all her collection pieces from cuffs, handbags to necklaces.

Label:  Some are Thieves shoes

These shoes are not only meant for walking but also for gilding, sliding, drifting, jerking, swerving as flexible as a thief. The shoe material is amazing, with suede to chemically washed leather to create a unique colour tone on its leather uppers.

Label:  Noel Caleb

This label’s collection features the ease of mix and match, the generous usage of buttery soft cotton sateen creates a luxurious feel. This is  further enhanced by a figure flattering cut which exudes utilitarian chic.

Noel Caleb collaborated with Amado Gudek to create interesting rings which feature a big resin rock with small rocks integrated within it.

Label:  Jardin de chouette

Korean designers created fun colours featured with creative prints.

Label:  Beyond Closet

Menswear from Korea reinterpreted classical items for men to create a refined aesthetic for men of age 20-30s.

Label:  Seventy Eight Percent

Functionality accompanied with desirability is the main theme for these chic bag designs from Hong Kong.

Label:  Multi Label Amnesty

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is a renowned Swedish brand with creative ideas on detailed finishes.

Label:  WYKIDD

This label creates modern silhouettes for men with traditional handcrafted techniques in detailed finishing such as the below shirt which was hand painted.

Happy Shopping at Blueprint Singapore!

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