Star Creation 2010 winners capsule collections, and 2011 winners and finalist interviews at Audi Fashion Festival 2011

The evolution of the fashion industry worldwide has seen the fashion spotlight shine on Singapore, with international buyers flocking over to attend Singapore’s trade shows. Star Creation 2011 is an Asia-wide fashion design competition with 144 candidates this year, which was narrowed down to the top 12 by a panel of judges.The propagation of Asian fashion design influence worldwide, could be made possible through the selection and support of top talented Asian designers. This is made possible with the necessary facilities and funding to assist designers in their pursuit of fashion.

Here are the interviews and the impressive runway photos.

The 2010 winners’ capsule collection interviews with Star Creation.

Past year’s winners showcasing their capsule collections after learning with 1 year of internship:

Youtube 2010 winners’ interviews click here

Interview questions for Daniel Ngoo (Malaysia). Star Creation 2010 winner:

Daniel’s concept video click here


B: Prince B

D: Daniel Ngoo

B:First of all, how do you feel being the winner of Star Creation 2010?

D:I have to say expect the unexpected. I never expected that I will win this prize. I spent a really short time to prepare the whole collection in a duration of 4 days. It was quite a mess as well in production.

Although I never expected so much, yet I ended up winning two prizes, its quite shocking.

B: You look rather confident of your collection compared to others.

D:I think that in behaviour terms, I am not the introverted kind of person and I am not fake.

B:What made you decide to pursue fashion as a career path?

D: Actually when I was 16, I finished my secondary school. My dad asked me to help him do business or become a doctor. I had good results for my SPM which is the O level equivalent. My dad asked me to wait for scholarship, but I just hated textbook based learning. I had very good results not because I am a reading person, but because I forced myself to get good results. My mum is a very fashionable person, from her I got my inspiration to be fashionable. Back in Perak, there are not many people who are really fashionable, as most of the folks are of the older generation.

We had an education fair held in our school. The most famous college in Malaysia called Lim Kok Wing had a very good marketing team, who promoted the school’s fashion faculty. Due to this fashion presence I got excited into fashion. It was so amazing that I could do designs, eventually I got involved into fashion design. Before I started fashion, I actually wanted to be archeologist, I like fossils and pre-historical works, after I researched about archeology I was like that’s not for me, as its all about textbooks and exposure under the sunlight.

B:Did your parents say anything about your choice?

D:My dad, he thought that fashion design is for ladies, guys shouldn’t take fashion. His initial idea about fashion line is about sewing, tailors, but eventually he knew he was wrong. His opinion changed ever since I entered many competitions, and was selected to be finalist for Malaysia’s designers.

B:What inspired your fashion collection?

D:For myself, I always do something very androgynous and I have called it the third sex, its like an in-between of female and male. I do not restrict myself to create something for the ladies, dun ask me to do something feminine or too masculine. I like to do something in between. I can wear, you can also wear, like genderless clothing.

B:Lastly, What would you advise aspiring young designers?

D:Same thing, just be yourself, but we have to be always ready to face criticism. As fashion is based on a very personal opinions, you might love it or hate it. Do not be too concerned about what people judge about you, trust yourself but you have to be humble. I realised that nowadays the young designers are getting very arrogant. I had friends with this attitude but I did not know how to advise them. They should not be so arrogant; they should tone down a little and be more humble.

B:Will we be seeing your collections in Singapore?

D:Due to my company fully sponsoring the collection, I am not sure of the arrangement whether we are going to proceed with buyers or keep the collection in the archive.

My take:  Interesting usage of ethnic patterned colour prints,  in contemporary modern androgynous shapes, could prove to be a trendsetter in the Asian fashion industry and beyond.

Interview questions for Audrey Lim (Singapore). Star Creation 2010 winner:


B: Prince B

A: Audrey

 B:How do you feel to be the winner last year in Star Creation 2010 after the announcement?

A:It was kind of unexpected, I am very happy to have the chance and opportunity to learn.

B:What made you decide to pursue fashion?

A: In the beginning, I wanted something different although I did not take art. I was telling my mum to give me a chance to learn the fundamentals of fashion design, and to develop strong foundations in design. Where else for business degrees, you could learn it from any school.

B:What inspired your fashion collection on the runway today?

A:The main inspiration came from myself, what I really wanted to see in my collection. Although my inspiration comes from opposites, I wanted to do a collection that reflected myself.

B:Will we be able to see your collection the shopping malls?

A:It is not confirmed yet, we are looking out for the response first, before putting it out in the market to sell.

My take: The collection looks to be contrasting with strong cheerful orange highlights on black with well cut jacket suits.The blouse-skirt in pleats paired together would be great in Singapore for smart fashion savvy workwear.

Interview questions for Kit Mu (China). Star Creation 2010 winner:


B: Prince B

A: Kit Mu

B: How do you feel to be the winner last year in Star Creation 2010 after the announcement?

K: As a winner from last year’s batch, I find myself to be the “older winner” of Star Creation’s competition. I feel like a kid who has matured into an adult. However, I may not be a mature designer but I feel at this point in time, I am already a real fashion designer.

B: What inspired your fashion collection?

K: By designing what I want. My inspiration was to create pieces which look simple and has a selling point in the fashion market. I hope the clothes I design, are not made just to sell but to give an opportunity to more customers to wearable clothes that suit them.

B: What would you advise young fashion designers out there who want to pursue fashion?

K: I find that all the young designers collections are fantastic as seen in the runway for Star Creation 2011, their designs are original and bold which grabs attention which most designers do not dare to explore. Many designers are afraid to use colours, young designers in Star Creation 2011 are unafraid to push the boundaries with their bold designs. For next year’s Star Creation designers, I think they will be even more creative. I hope that they would look into training themselves to become better designers through this competition.

My take: The collection is amazingly wearable for all occasions be it for office wear, night parties or normal weekend shopping trips. Well cut figure flattering shapes in black or white block color, matched with contrasting white or black lines reflects a modern sleek design.

2011 winners and finalist:

Youtube Star Creation 2011 click here

Interview questions for Tsai Ming Hung (Singapore PR). Star Creation 2011 Winner


B: Prince B

MH: Ming Hung

B:First of all, how do you feel to be the winner of Star Creation 2011?

MH: I think it is a very good opportunity to further my dreams, as I have a chance to work in FJ Benjamin and know more about what customers like in the market.

B: What made you decide to pursue fashion?

MH: Since I was young, I always liked to dress up myself, and look to what is in trend. I decided to make my own clothes. Normally, I am unable to find what I want in the market.

B: What inspired your own fashion collection for the runway?

MH: The inspiration I get is from East and West. Its not combining it together, but to create a new language that both could grow to accept.

B: What are your key points for your collection that gave you an advantage to the competition?

MH: I think first of all, mens’ wear is something that not many people are doing with my experience through competitions. Other than that, my designs are unique in a different way. For example the cutting for my pants designs are not like normal ordinary pants. When you look at my designs, you could see the difference. For example, without side seams, special materials, pants without crotch lines to produce a sleek kind of design.

B: Lastly what would you advise young fashion designers out there who want to pursue fashion?

MH: Fashion is something that you can use to express your feelings and thoughts. You could speak whatever you wish to through fashion, it is a chance to express without boundaries. A young designer out there should keep dreaming and do whatever he wants.

My take: Mens’ wear has never looked so creative, with intricately knitted sweaters, drop crotch pants and a variety of unique wearable jackets exudes a look of a man who has an excellent taste in fashion style.

Interview questions for Chen Zhi Gang (China). Star Creation 2011 winner


B: Prince B

ZG: Zhi Gang

B: What inspired your fashion collection on the runway today?

ZG: The storyline goes like this. In China, at the state of Shenzhen, a girl was being bullied. Before that I received a call from the girl, I was asked by the girl for help as she found that a bad person was following her. I am unsure whether I was busy or too young, I did not help her. After I decided to look, I found her, I found that she was hiding in her room crying, I observed that there were no windows open. I was thinking, why did I come too late? I chose the timing for my clothing designs in the timeline of the age of a person between being a girl and a woman, due to this story and also because many females face changes in time and age.

ZG: In my designs, I have placed emphasis on change with time. The blouse could be turned down and transformed into a skirt or shorts. A shirt could be changed into an accessory to be displayed on the front, clothes could be opened up. A female requires love from a man, the collection portrays a female wearing a male’s design over the top, to show love from a man. I used black and pink colours as I was inspired by a dark room atmosphere, I find that these two colours represent a woman very well.

B:If you did not tell us your story, we would not have an idea of your design inspiration.

ZG:I have to know what I want through a story, then the designs would come out from my heart. Another person would not care how it was inspired, customers normally look only for the beauty of the design. If a person buys my clothes, I would feel very much appreciated.

B:What would you be doing in future?

ZG:I will come over to Singapore to work.

ZG:Besides designing, I am not sure what else what I should do. I appreciate designing clothes. if I stop designing I might lose my happiness.

B:I hope to see the future continuance of your fantastic and unique clothing line.

ZG: I hope so too!

My take: Black with loud pink colour is the hot theme of Zhi Gang’s collection. Pleated fronts on blouses give it a 3D effect. This female line exudes much of male design shirts, well reinterpreted to female curvy silhouettes.

Interview questions for Mike (Philipines). Star Creation 2011 finalist  


B: Prince B

M: Mike

 B: How do you feel that you have made it as one of the top 12 finalist in Star Creation 2011 out of 144 designer entries?

M: It is a great honour for me, it’s the first time that a Filipino has made it to the finals, with that I already feel like a winner to be representing my country, Philippines.

B: What made you decide to pursue fashion?

M: My grandmother and my aunt have been making clothes, I see the thrill and happiness that they bring to their clients. I would like to give something back to the people, who like dressing up and being fashionable.

B:What is your runway collection 2011 inspiration?

M: My inspiration is derived from my hope to see all Asian countries unite together and become more open minded to things.

B: How would you describe your design pieces?

M: My collection pieces use transparent pieces mostly to show, transparency in the cultures nowadays. For a few pieces of my clothes collection, I use several fabrics to show that many countries could unite in a singular dress. We could actually be together and live together as one community.

B: What are your goals and objectives in the long term? Like to create your own label?

M: When I go back to the Philippines, I will finish my studies, and start making a name for myself, gather a following of clients, build the shop and start making a living for myself and my family.

B: What do you think is the key point in your collection that made you a finalist?

M: The panel has chosen me for my really wonderful concept. My clothes were not as avant garde as the others but mine was wearable.

My take: Figure flattering dresses in a myriad of tastefully selected ethnic patterns with unique lacing at the bottom could be seen to be highly marketable to mainstream females for evening occasions.

For more details of the competition, please check out: Star Creation


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