Audi Fashion Festival 2011: Press conference at the St Regis hotel

At the press conference of Audi Fashion Festival 2011, noted fashion writer Colin Mcdowell was the Emcee who spoke jovially to guest speakers firstly the noted fashion photographer James Rusell and his Japanese supermodel muse Tao Okamoto. James Rusell is a fashion photographer with many credentials with partnerships with Vogue, W Magazine and even sports illustrations which Tyra Banks fronted its covers.Tao Okamoto started off as a model in Tokyo, expanded her wings to cover Paris and then New York City. She finds that Asian models were the minority in the past but with the sign of the times, the fashion market in Asia has grown exponentially creating a demand for Asian models. James Rusell explains that an inspiring photo taken is known through experience, when he designs a photo shoot, he knows the moments and would know through experience when all aspects of his photo comes together. He explains that school is the basis of one’s lifelong education, to develop competence in the arts.

Tao Okamoto being interviewed by FashionTV.

Erdem is Candian born, with an English mother and a Turkish father, currently based in UK.

He graduated from Royal College of Art in Canada. Erdem gets his inspiration from the objective of being light and optimistic. He narrates a story of a girl, drawing inspiration from where the brand would go with her.

Erdem is said by Vogue Chief Editor, Anna Wintour to be one of the must-see runway shows with his unique design pieces. Erdem is currently sold in Singapore through Club21 group, with 31 different stores outreached to Paris and London.

Erdem Autumn Winter 2011 collection on Audi Fashion Festival’s runway with figure flattering silhouettes and unique prints in mostly red and blue.

The Missoni family are known to be the Italian’s fashion aristocracy economically powerful in Italy, with an empire of knitwear. Distinctly keeping its workshops only in Italy for stringent quality control, and a multitude of retail shops spanning across the globe. Angela Missoni (extreme left), likes to do designing and jewellery, she was inspired to create colour patterns for the brand.Her mother gave her support to take over the family business while she was young and passionate.

Vittorio Missoni (extreme right) supervises the business component of their fashion trade, he oversees distribution of Missoni all over the world, because it is a special product that is very visible and easily identified, he explains that much followup is necessary to be aware of where you place and move the product.

Margherita Missoni being interviewed by VogueTV correspondent.

Margherita Missoni (above photo) is the daughter and heir of the fashion house.

When she turned 18, she moved out for 10 years to major capitals with the likes of New York, Barcelona, Rome and Paris to learn and experience the fashion trade. Margherita Missoni finds that social media channels are important for fashion due to the times we are living in, the company needs to engage in creative communication for consumers to learn about the Missoni fabric.

Missoni family at Audi Fashion Festival 2011 runway show

Missoni has moved towards brand awareness with collaboration of brands that are known to be classic in identity with a light and fun approach. Collaborations with brands like San Pellegrino and Converse have enlarged brand awareness for Missoni, reaching out to a different audience. Another recent collaboration with Target superstore which is widely anticipated is expected to launch in 2 months time.

A more affordable diffusion line called the M collection has been created to target the younger audience.

Converse X Missoni

San Pellegrino X Missoni

Missoni Autumn Winter 2011 collection on Audi Fashion Festival’s runway. Knitted wear meets timeless chic with the utilisation of pleasant autumn purple colours. A sweater from this collection could last many seasons with its practicality intertwined with stylishness.


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