Audi Fashion Festival Soiree 2011

Thanks to Mercury communications, I was given the opportunity for a fantastic time to interact and rub shoulders with the fabulous fellow fashion bloggers notably Fever AvenuePopspoken, Naked Glory,  Monoxious and Fashionnide who have the robust passion for the fashion trade.

The night started off for me at Fairmount Singapore’s Inkbar where Mercury PR executives were friendly and informative to give us information, a presentation of what is to come in the coming months, events such as AFF AFX, Star creation, Blueprint were briefed to us. The knowledge imparted to us was greatly appreciated as we find that students from NAFA Singapore are selected to showcase their pieces at Star Creation with a few shown to us exclusively for the first time.

The PR executives:

The designer hailing from the brand Noel Caleb, explaining his clothing line which is practical and easy to mix and match.

The fashionable crowd:

NAFA star creation finalist:

Anindya Intan’s flowy outdoors inspiration.

Benjamin Neo’s structured flower motif dresses

Right after we were zipped away in Audi Cars to the Ion Orchard Model casting for Audi Fashion Festival 2011. Dick Lee and a team of judges notably Sheila Sim were seated at the stage to judge the models on the runway. Radio entertainer Ross was the MC for the night.

The models with flawless features waiting for their turn:

The runway show where models were judged on how they strutted down the runway with prizes that await the winners. Models would be selected for the runway show for Audi Fashion Festival 2011.

The winners who rocked the runway! Simply stunning!

Singapore’s famous song writer Dick Lee looking glam chic!

Last of all the reveal of the Audi A1! Fashion intertwined with fast cars!

I will be attending the runway shows! Stay tuned for more updates!


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