Lanvin X H&M 2010

This month’s must buy is the collection from Swedish fast fashion chain collaboration with the head designer of Lanvin. The product debut as stated on their webpage is 23 Novemeber worldwide! Hurry to the boutique in your country before it gets all snapped up!

Whimsical frilly dresses in multi coloured prints have been designed for women’s 2010 collection designed from the French house of Lanvin for H&M, two suits have been featured for the mens wear collection which look ideal for fabulous events! Unisex polished black sunglasses are particularly huge, a must have for this season~

Enjoy the video here!

“The world is a happier place because everyone can afford Lanvin by H&M” exclaims Creative Director of Elle magazine USA.

Here are the designs I J’adore!

The must have homme suit with many whimsical accessories like the bow tie, pocket square and the ultimate black square angular sunglasses!

The grey trench coat jacket with multiple pleats.

Flowers are no longer a girl’s best friend, a Lanvin dress is the in thing guys!

The frilly dress! Impressive satin shape flattering evening wear in dark purple.

Showering in a Lanvin dress has never seemed so poise!

Hit the wonderland of Lanvin gym!

The beauty is in the details of accessories. Men’s butterfly bowtie.

Women’s variegated blue dress.

Alas French fashion cannot do without some distinct animal print jackets!

The must have Lanvin paper bag this month!

Lanvin’s designer portrayed to be pouring over his many design attempts for H&M with chic French Maids at his beck and call.

Present a lady with a whimsical pink dress which is more worthy of her interesting than a diamond necklace!

A pretty interesting pink printed dress!

Merci Lanvin et H&M for coming up with such an impressive collection. Tres Bien!

Here are the press release photos for men designs.

Very Haute wearable Female wear:


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