TOM FORD: A Single Man

Recently, I have watched the ultra chic intriguing movie A Single Man directed by Tom Ford; who is a celebrated creative director/fashion designer hailing from the house of  the interlocking Gs: Gucci group. The movie is set in the 1960s (think sartorial charm) about the last day of a university professor’s life acted by Colin Firth (famously known in Bridget Jones Diary) as he ponders about his life partner’s death and his school student’s obsession of the professor played by (Nicholas Hoult famously known as the boy who sticks to Hugh Grant in the movie About a Boy.)

Here are some photos in the movie which I find very chic! Most of the  bespoke suits and clothes are designed by avant garde designer Tom Ford himself! This post is to celebrate Tom Ford’s ingeniousness in creating bespoke contemporary suits! Soo CHIC!

The movie poster: White and Black contrasting clothes are always in! Julianne Moore was wearing a little black dress like the one Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  She smokes with a touch of classy mannerism as well!

The Tom Ford suit Colin Firth wears; featured throughout the movie!

Well cut and designed, the contrasting tie matches so well!

Nicholas Hoult wearing a cashmere sweater with a matching shirt.

I would love to get my hands on that sweater! Looks amazingly soft and flatters the figure!

Here is an interesting contrast photo of Nicholas Hoult when he was in About a Boy.

His sharp handsome face seems to have lost all the baby fats now!

Professor student time! Ahem! Watch the movie!

Close up image.

Tom Ford taking on his new role as film director!

The film is attended by famous singers and designers!

Left: Kylie Minogue. Right: Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld.

The movie stars dressed to kill by Tom Ford! Tom Ford stands out in his own

bespoke suit.

After party photos with singing Queen of Pop; material girl Madonna!

Look at how towering Nicholas Hoult is next to Tom Ford! At 6′ 4″ (1.93 m);

A far cry from a short kid in the past! Dapper looking in Tom Ford designs.

Interesting large lapel suit Tom Ford is wearing! This season’s craze seems to be on

large lapels given that Dolce and Gabbana has been seen featuring similar suits on the runway!

Another glamorous photo taken in the movie premiere.

It is apparent that Tom Ford has taken a liking for Nicholas Hoult. He has been employed

to be the face of Tom Ford’s billboard and magazine advertorials!

Tom Ford’s muse perhaps comparative to Baptiste Giabiconi for Karl Lagerfeld’s House de Chanel?

With a pleasant and unique photogenic face structure, this British actor will soon rise up the forbes famous people ranks to rub shoulders with Jude Law.

I love the whole combination in this white suit with all its unique checkered bow tie, brooches and pocket square!

Model-esque much? I am so envious!

This checkered suit looks fantastic too!

I would say that the combination of high fashion and film really does make a match from heaven!


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