Bally Promotion@Isetan Scotts 29-2 May 2010 Event Hall Lv4

Bally Promotion:

I have many pairs of loafers and sneakers from Bally! This is due to their comfort level and I find the sneakers to be well structured and truly light weight! Their designs are avant-garde evoking the Hollywood golden age. Most of their shoes are made either in Italy or Switzerland to maintain their quality standards!

Well known for its comfort and quality. Now up to 60% off on its Mens’ and Ladies’ shoes and leather collections.


2 thoughts on “Bally Promotion@Isetan Scotts 29-2 May 2010 Event Hall Lv4

  1. Bally has been one of the classics for men’s shoewear, I will definitely call it the sleeker version of a pair of the all-time comfortable and reliable Timberland. Moreover, the stripes details are always so classic and timeless, so much that in my opinion, it has a bigger everlasting impression as compared to other stripes designs tried by numerous brands.

  2. Yes I do adore the classic red/white stripes of Bally which the company applies to all its shoes, bags and Small leather goods! Other stripes are just so seasonal…consumer retention of the stripe color is low as the relationship between the brand and the stripe is non existent.

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