Ermenegildo Zegna 1910-2010 100 Years Centennial

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mail box, a Zegna booklet was sent to me.

Zegna has always been an upmarket brand which focuses on bespoke tailoring.

I called the sales associate at Zegna, who told me that the items in the booklet are to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Zegna and each item has a limited quantity of 100 each worldwide. Available island wide in Singapore at Ion Orchard, Paragon, Takashimaya Department Store and Capital Tower.

Here are the fabulous photos:

The Centennial (100 years) Emblem of the House of Zegna.

True quality materials used by Zegna, refined quality which lasts for years to come.

I have a friend who swore by Zegna’s quality well cut pants which he wore for 5 years and yet it did not

give up on him, it still looks good, unlike some which tear and wear off.

The casual nomad jacket for a breezy time at Sentosa beach perhaps?

A positive note of wrinkle resistant linen/cotton material, linen is a material which is infamous for creasing!

This well cut, figure flattering suit, should do the trick in Singapore, where it is so hot and humid.

Zegna’s fabric reflects the sunlight which I think should also helps to decrease

aging of color of the suits.

This casual chic look , rocks my world!

Cool effect fabric is yet another positive nod and to give no excuses to Singapore men not to wear

appropriately to posh events! Attention is in the small details as you can see the picture, the lapel is lined with leather!

Bespoke Tailoring is of the highest strata in Zegna! Just look at how form fitting the suit is on the male model! I like his “Mad Men TV Show” hairdo! Just brings out the charm of the good old days where people bother to dress up well.

There is a cantonese saying that goes “When you meet a stranger, the very first thing the person will look at, is how you dress up, then, your character.”


5 thoughts on “Ermenegildo Zegna 1910-2010 100 Years Centennial

  1. Zegna has always been the quintessential luxury brand, and have always somehow differentiate themselves from the sea of suit-tailoring brands. The craftmanship and design is just…speechless

    You should try checking out their younger line ZZegna. It’s one of my fave, it’s basically Brioni with a surprising galliano touch!

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