Burberry April Showers collection APR 2010

I am a big fan of the Burberry Trench which Sir Thomas Burberry was first to invent it for the military use. I am already using one in taupe colour, which I feel helps to defend and protect me during the occasional thunderstorms, from rain and wind.

It was raining heavily way back during the war. Back then the trench coat got its name literally from a military trench hole where soldiers would be strategically placed, it was given to officers of rank.

As soon as I received the email, I was pleased to see the trench coat being reinvented in fresh colors and cutting.

I have to give credit to Creative Director Christopher Bailey from Burberry for heading the fashion line in the right direction.

For Menswear, the red and white trench coat look fresh and outstanding! It is an essential wardrobe item for men; as when its raining, we do not wish to look like soaked soggy fries right! =)

Click to feast your eyes!



2 thoughts on “Burberry April Showers collection APR 2010

  1. I love the clash of colour Chris have use for the spring ad campaign, in fact it allows people to learn how to mix and match properly, and make trench coats less serious looking. I am going to steal some ideas with this campaign into my wardrobe nw hehe! thanks chicprince!

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