Instant home made Tonkutsu Ramen

It was an evening when I had much work to complete, I had no time to go out with my friends for dinner.
I decided to open my newly purchased 5 in a pack Japanese Ramen which I just bought from Isetan Orchard Supermarket, Singapore. At S$6.60 it was quite reasonably priced as there was a coupon discount of 30% less.

I decided that I would like my home made ramen to look just like the ones that I pay S$16 per bowl for in Japanese Ramen Restaurants here in Singapore.

The semi hard boiled eggs which are known as Tamago in Japanese; which accompanies the Ramen noodles, are famous to be slightly hard on the outside and the inside white and yolk to be slightly cooked which makes it runny. It is pure bliss to be able to consume it in Marutama@Central Mall.

Here is how you could replicate this egg in a matter of not the traditional 24hrs of marination, but a simple soft-hard boiled egg for fast on the spot consumption.

Here are the core ingredients:

– 1 Packet Ramen
– 2 Pieces of Honey Baked Ham
– 1 Fresh raw egg
– 1 Onion
– 2 Cloves of Garlic

I used Honey Baked Ham to substitute for the fatty Pork belly which is usually served with the Ramen.

Cook the (room temperature) egg for 7 mins in 300ml boiling hot water.

Remove the egg from heat and immediately transfer it to a bowl of ice. This is to stop the heat from cooking it further.

Lightly break the egg to allow more “hot air” to the top layer to get cooked.

Place the egg back into hot water for another 3 mins.

Remove the shells and the thin skin layer between the egg shell and egg white, as it would have hardened.

Cut the egg into half and viola! You have a semi-hard boiled, half runny egg yolk

Remove water from pot, put 3 tea spoons of olive oil to caramelise onions and garlic for 2 mins under low heat, remove them and place on a separate plate for now. All the goodness of jus from onion and garlic, as Jamie Oliver would say; would still be in the pot as a stock sauce.

Now add 350 ml of water into the existing pot to boil, then place your instant ramen in with the packet ingredients and allow to boil at medium heat for 3 mins.

Stop the heat, put in your caramelised onions and garlic, give it a gentle mix. Serve it with the toppings of ham on top.

It definitely felt good to eat such a delicious tonkutsu like ramen at home!

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