PARCO Multi Brand showcase SS2010 @Millenia Walk 17 April 2010

The MC for the event.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend PARCO’s Spring Summer 2010, multi brand collection at the Great Hall of Millenia Walk Singapore.

An eclectic mix of vibrant colors and Japanese vibe trend setting wares were hawked down the runway of PARCO at Millenia Walk Singapore. Materials used were versatile, street wear fashionable clothes were definitely wearable even in hot and bothered Singapore.

Here are a few exciting designs which I have handpicked.

We have the Men’s lookbook. Singapore could definitely use some of these designs for us guys who are feeling the heat everyday of the week! Translucent silky materials known as sheer material; are the highlight of all branded design shows including Costume National, Dior.

These materials could be paired with an inner tank top for guys who are not as brave as to wear it on its own and bare all your well flexed gym-ed muscles.(such as myself, not for the faint hearted.) Cropped tailored shorts are in the rage now, it should be an essential of a stylish men’s daily wardrobe. What I would like to suggest to crop your own current shorts by folding it twice, that ought to give this season’s vibe!

From the Women’s range I would like to start off with the Japanese Harajuku lookbook designs:

Silhouette appealing apparel complimented good figures, drop crotched pants were tailored well to accentuate one’s legs and a wrap around dress with grey pleated skirt appealed to me as one that could be worn for tea functions.

These designs portray the street style for fashionable girls who would like clothes which personify their

extroverted cheerful colors! Cute, Cheerful and chic looking, these well matched street couture are for girls who love to be head turners.


2 thoughts on “PARCO Multi Brand showcase SS2010 @Millenia Walk 17 April 2010

  1. OMG this piece of news is good for a fashion blog debut!!!!!!
    I am soo proud of u, and u better start learn how 2 kick some ass lol

    BEst of luck+luv

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