Toby’s @ Parkway Parade

Toby’s at Parkway Parade has a comfortable setting facing the main entrance of the shopping mall. It is on the newly reclaimed block at level 2. The ambience is casual chic and hip. They serve a variety of desserts, some savoury appetisers, pizzas and pastas.





I tried the pepperoni pizza $15.95 as there was a promotion whereby if you order this particular pizza, you get a free mushroom soup and a coffee or tea or ice tea.

The mushroom soup quantity was shortchanged to me, but aftrerall it was free, it was a fabulous creamy white mushroom soup.

The pizza crust was thin and crispy, the tomato base was sweet with flavor and the raw spinach leaves complimented it well.

Dessert was the famous lemon tart cake which has been the talk of town. It tasted heavenly and delicious! Slightly sour but sweet counterbalanced by the torched whip cream.

I reckon it is a nice restaurant to try out for people who live in the east side of Singapore. With many new condominium projects coming up I would think these chic places would have potential to gather crowds.

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