Prince B's Salmon in pasta sauce

I was wondering what to cook tonight for a hearty dinner at home.
The pieces came together and I thought of cooking Salmon in pasta tomato based sauce for a change, I did not want to put the spaghetti in as I was not feeling that hungry.

Prince B’s Salmon in pasta sauce


– 6 mushrooms
– 6 cherry tomatoes
– 150 grams Fresh Norwegian salmon
– DelMonte mixed mushroom pasta sauce
– A dash of sea salt
– Soy sauce
– Sesame Oil
– 1 White Onion
– 200ml water (or stock)

1. Defrost the salmon with a few cubes of ice, rub it with sea salt and soya sauce.
2. Soak dried mushrooms in water for 30 mins.
3. Slit the middle of 6 pieces of cherry tomatoes.
4. Remove the stems of mushrooms.
5. Saute onions in a dash of olive oil and sesame oil.
6. Add the sliced soft mushrooms to let it absorb the flavour of the oil (This makes it juicy and enhance the flavour.)
7. Place the salmon into the pan. (I used a Tefal Cooker.)
8. Add the pasta sauce in once the salmon has turned slightly pink and cooked.
9. Pour about 200ml of water and give the stew a stir to mix the ingredients evenly.
10. Allow the salmon to cook on its flesh down. Make an incision on the salmon in the middle to check that its not raw. Let the stew simmer for 10 mins at low heat. This allows for the sauce reduction.
11. Serve and its ready to eat! The sauce flavour should be very hearty and soulful! Salmon for the soul!

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