Weekend getaway in Bangkok

I was at Bangkok last weekend with my friend for a short vacation. We stayed at Marriott Courtyard, located near the city area. We were so lucky to have a free room upgrade to the spacious Junior Suite.



We were too tired to venture out of the hotel for supper so we decided to order food from in-room dining. The Pad Thai was delicious and flavorful but it would be better if the chef would sprinkle a generous amount of crushed roasted peanut on the noodles. The soft shell crab salad was tastefully presented. The deep fried crabs were coated with a batter which consisted of fresh basil leaves which tasted fabulous with “3 dimensional” flavors. (Sorry, the photographs taken did not do justice to the salad.) The only letdown from the in-room dining was the tough and cold rice for the fried chicken rice.


pad thai

crab salad

supper 2

After a good night’s sleep, we visited the Grand Palace which was spectacular with breathtaking view of beautiful Thai architecture! The buildings were intricately layered with colored glass and patterns, with gold huge looming statues which is considered a luxury in the olden days, definitely a renaissance period of Thailand.



palace 3

palace 4

palace 5

palace 6

palace 7

palace 8

palace 9


palace 12

palace 13

We were famished by the time we finished touring the Grand Palace, therefore we decided to head to Chinatown for lunch. Our lunch was at Nam Sing Restaurant. We had blood red bird nest, Thai sharksfin soup, steamed scallops with glass noodles and vermicelli, a roasted piglet and finally a bowl of white bird’s nest soup for dessert to clear the grease (from the roasted piglet).

nan xing

blood bn


lunch 2


After lunch, we went to 林宜香 (my mum’s favourite shop) to buy pork floss, durian cake and cuttlefish. The shop also sells other local snacks such as dried longan.

snack shop

snack shop2

snack shop 3

Then we proceed to Siam Paragon shopping centre, the largest luxury shopping in Bangkok. Surprisingly, hardly anyone stepped into the luxury brand boutiques. Most people were heading to the “Metro” department store to have a look at the wide variety of clothes from the foreign and local designer brands collection



A few high-end car boutiques have opened at the mall and they were displaying their latest cars (such as lamborghini and sports bicycles.) All visitors should definitely visit the supermarket at the basement. It is the epitome of a supermarket with a massive variety of products on sale. They even have a special service that helps customers to store their shopping bags so that they can shop hassle-free with the bags of stuff out of their way.





Our next stop is Ma Boon Kung (MBK) shopping mall, a decent place to shop around forcheap stuff. But we ended up buying only groceries and had our dinner at a Thai restaurant. The food was authentic, we had tom yum prawns, green curry chicken, spring rolls infused with basil leaves and asparagus with carrots wrapped with pork. It was such a fantastic meal!

dinner 1

dinner 2

dinner 3

Time passed so fast, it was the last day of my vacation in Bangkok! We woke up early in the morning to shop at Chatuchak weekend market. Upon our arrival, we realized that the market was so huge that it was impossible for us to visit all the stalls in a few hours time! I bought some bracelets, aroma therapy oil and a few t-shirts. Cliff got two rattan bags with leather trimming and a calf leather belt. Following which, we had lunch at one of the food stall. I had coconut, a fried noodles, papaya salad and fried prawn rolls.


lunch 2

lunch 3

My favourite place to shop for this trip would definitely be Chatuchak weekend market as a huge variety of items (including pets such as dogs and birds) are available at the stalls. I do enjoy practicing the art of bargaining with the local vendors. It would be ideal to dedicate at least half a day at the market. This vacation has been amazing with the great company and good food, I can’t wait to visit Thailand for another vacation soon!

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