Usman's Place + n.y.d.c @ Bugis Junction

We decided to embark on a touristy journey to Haji Lane where some boutique designer shops are located such as Whiteroom.



I deliberated to have a late lunch at Usman’s Place which is a few streets away from Haji lane. The buffet spread was amazing for the reasonable price. I tried all the dishes offered.




Biryani rice with fresh garden salad were flavorful with the indian herbs. The chicken tikka was coated in an interesting green pasty color, most pieces were slightly crusty on the outside but it was moist on the inside! Mutton Rogan Josh tasted great! The mutton was tender and sweet with herb flavor! The raita (yogurt with mixed vegetables) counter balances the heatiness of the spices in the other dishes. Mixed Vegetable pakora was my favourite as I dubbed it as the Pakistani version of Carl Jr’s deep fried onion rings. It was infused with the right mix of herbs and spices which give it that pungent yet absolutely amazing taste. The aloo capsicum manages to give a tinge to my taste palate, with its sweet and sour taste teasing my tongue! The Dal Tadka, dal seeds was marinated to perfection.





The highlight of the meal was the naan which includes choices of Plain, Butter and Garlic. They were served straight from the tandoor and were crispy. I reckon it is a better choice than paratha! The naans are good enough to be eaten plain.

Mutton Rogan Josh tasted great! The mutton was tender and sweet with herb flavor!


The service was good, the staff were able to satisy all of my requests. Our water glasses were filled without asking.

After lunch, we went around to shop in the local designer outlets.



After a tiring day of walking around Haji Lane and little india, we decided to have a rest and high tea at NYDC (Bugis Junction). We had the gigantic serving of ice earl grey tea ($7.95) served in a huge mug that both of us could not finish. We also ordered an ice-cream Bailey’s mud pie which only tasted average ($10.50). I felt conned.



The Pakistani food was phenomenally cheaper than NYDC!

Dining Venue Featured:

Name: Usman’s Place
Cuisine: South-asian, Paksitani
Location: 67 Bussorah Street


Name: n.y.d.c. Café & Restaurant
Cuisine: Western, American
Location: #02-47/48, 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction

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