First Thai Food @Purvis St


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The food is very reasonably priced at this non-air conditioned authentic thai restaurant, located near Raffles Hotel and opposite the National Library. All dishes are served piping hot with the strong aroma from the breath of the wok and thai spices such as basil leaves and red fresh chilli.

pad thai
The first dish I had was the Pad Thai noodles ($8), it came with additional flavoring ingredients such as grounded chili powder, grounded peanuts and a piece of lime. There is a generous sprinkling of dried tofu and at least 4 fresh firm whole prawns. The noodles is tasty, slightly sweet and tomato hearty-flavored.

green curry
The next dish was chicken in green curry ($8). The gravy was mildly spicy,which is suitable for people who can’t eat spicy food. There are big chunks of chicken soaked in the lovely curry with the thai eggplant.

mango salad
The Green mango salad ($8) is crunchy, tangy and slightly spicy with a tinge of chili.

A piece of seafood otah costed $4 and is slightly soft and moist in texture.

minced pork
Next dish was the stir-fried minced pork with basil leaves ($8), which is minced pork wok fried with basil leaves. It was served piping hot. The dish is very fragrant and has a tad salty sauce,which goes well with white rice.

kang kong
This plate of Kang Kong costed $6, has an al dente texture and coated well with the garlic and sauce. I’ve received comments that the dish was superb as it had the wok hei (breath of wok) when you smell it. So good!

The last dish was the claypot tanghoon prawns ($15) with 6 whole prawns deshelled with only the head and tail attached for easy eating. The tanghoon absorbed the flavors of the sauce and was infused with black and white grounded fresh peppers for fragrant taste and aroma. Prawns were very fresh, it feels as though we paid for live prawns seperately.

No service charge or GST imposed on the food.

My only complain is the lack of non air-conditioning. Imagine dining in the restaurant when it’s humid (as always in tropical Singapore), no doubt there are fans cooling the air, but you may end up sweating it out while gorging down the spicy food.

You should order a glass of grapefruit juice to cool down and quench your parched throat after all that wonderful food!

Dining Venue Featured:

Name: First Thai Food
Cuisine: Asian, Thai
Location: 23 Purvis Street

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