Lunch @ Dozo

A lazy lunch at Dozo Japanese Restaurant set at Valley Point shopping centre near Orchard, opposite prestigious posh condominiums the view outside from our private room (hiatus know), decorated in black luxurious texture patterned wallpaper and a mirror to make the room look spacious, classic Japanese music played background.

We had the set lunch which costs around S$60+++ per pax. It seems to be the only affordable choice as the a-la-carte menu was not cheap at all.

Mango Juice
Firstly, the shooters of Mango Juice crushed with ice presented in a bowl of ice on the rocks with a blooming bouquet of orchids. (Singapore’s national flower). It was to whet our appetite and to cool down the system as the weather in Singapore is perpertually hot.

2nd course was the amuse bouche which our ever vigilant waiter never fails to explain what the dish is, to what procedure you should savour the dishes. For this dish as to illustrate what he had to say, we should eat the grilled scallop drizzled with foamed orange juice and asparagus stems, then the whipped cream salmon, lastly finish off with a piece of foie gras served on a piece of toasted bread? It was heavenly! The scallop melted in my mouth, the combination of whipped cream and salmon was divine, the foie gras was just the way I liked it, crispy outside and hot moist inside, though the sizes should be much bigger to satisfy me!

3rd course for myself was a mango king crab leg salad, the crab leg was fresh but it was quite boring with a few cubes of mango on top, although the tossed salad underneath was done well.

XF had the sashimi set consisting of the good old salmon, octopus leg and sweet prawn. There was a special piece of sashimi fish as well which i had never tried before. The slice of fish had egg roe stuck together with the fish meat! How incredible!

Mel had the duck slices with a papadum and a glass of red wine jelly reduction. Quite an interesting combination but the duck didnt excite us, it was mediocre, tasted like normal cheap ham.

4th Course: We’ve chosen the Truffle Mushroom chawanmushi, the truffle is that tiny blob on top of the egg. A few pieces of Enoki mushrooms are placed inside, the egg was smooth and the taste was enhanced with flavour of the truffle.

Crab bisque soup
5th Course: I had tried the crab bisque soup which came in a cute cup for me to drink it down as it was a consomme. It tasted quite intense of crab, but the gang did not like the salty seafood smell.

mushroom soup
They had the mushroom truffle soup, the waiter instructed them to chew the truffle while drinking the soup to enhance the soup’s taste. It is a tasty western soup which is comparable with Cedele’s standard.

beef tenderloin
6th Course: The Main Course. Mel had the tender slices of beef tenderloin with ponzu sauce and a straw-like deep fried side came with it.It was served in a black bowl with pebbles inside. Pebbles are heated up too (to retain heat) along with the hot plate with a leaf supporting the beef to cook in style and to to prevent the beef from burning. The beef was really tender and juicy just like wagyu beef.

I had a similar setting for my unagi served drizzled with a cup size of sake while the hot plate was well… hot, the waiter poured the sake over the unagi which gave the unagi a more refreshing flavor.

sushi set
XF had taken the recommended sushi set which was an assortment of fishes laid on top of sushi, which was not so fantastic.
7th Course: All of us chose to have a pot of grapefruit tea as the description on the menu was “helps aid digestion”. It was cooling and tasted good of slightly sweet-bitter grapefruit.

green tea creme brulee
8th Course: Mel and XF had the Green Tea creme bulee which was the highlight. As it was done right, flame torched sugar on top was crisp with lucious green tea flavour.

choc lava cake
I had the warm choc lava cake which oozed out molten choc! Well done, topped with a vanilla ice cream.

We had refills of fruity Green Tea, which had an interesting fruit berry taste through out the meal. Service was good as staff were attentively looking in from outside of our room.

However price is very steep for Japanese lunch! If there was a promotion, it would be more affordable for the fabulously unemployed.

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Name: Dozo
Cuisine: Japanese, Fusion
Location: 491 River Valley Road #02-02/03, Valley Point

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