Double Bay Restaurant + Hua Ting Restaurant

Lunch was set in Double bay at Raffles City, it is an Australian restaurant with a laid-back environment which looks chic, situated at a newly built glasshouse located outside the main raffles city complex. The idea of this Aussie-oriented restaurant is to serve live fish and mainly to do fish and chips with the various varieties of fish they could import in. For a simple Fish & Chips dish at around $22 depending on which fish you decide to order, you can choose the garnishing of coriander or beer batter, deep fried. The fishes are described with the texture of the fish. For example, I tried the Barrumundi fish which was described as flaky, light in texture, where else, atlantic salmon was fatty, very flaky. The other fishes were sea bass, cod fish, soon hock, groupa. Fish & chips was delightful with an assortment of sauces like vinegar and chili sauce.

I had the barrunmundi fillet ($22)grilled with vongole sauce, a generous portion of clams swam with the fish in the broth of vongole! It was absolutely fantastic.

Black pork
Followed by a piece of Black pork rack ($28), known as kurobuta pork imported from Japan. It was finely grilled was such succulent taste, sweating with fats like kobe beef. The accompanying apple sauce was warm and tasted like apple pie.

Chicken pie
My aunt had the chicken pie ($16), it was huge with chunks of chicken, potato and english button mushrooms stuffed into it. A worth while dish!

Heading to Hua Ting for Dinner…

hua ting

hua ting2


Dinner was decided at Orchard Hotel, Hua Ting restaurant as there was a newspaper write up on their reasonable set lunch ($42 per pax) and set dinner ($52 per pax). The dinner is entitled “Dinner Revelry Mouthwatering Delights”.

Grilled fresh scallops skewer accompanied with stewed sea cucumber and minced pork in spicy seasame sauce was so good. The scallops literally melted in my mouth! It was absoutely tasty, sweet,juicy and a little charred outside which created a smoky taste to it. The sea cucumber was cooked to slight spiciness which was gorgeous.

sharks fine

2nd course
2nd Course was Braised Shark’s fin top with egg white and salmon roe. The broth of shark fin soup was so tasty that i walloped and licked every drop off the plate. The egg white was poached using western (ang moh) style. The shark fin was genuinely generous and crunchy. It was heavenly!

3rd course
3rd Course was Sauteed chilean sea whelk and fresh lily buds with XO sauce. The sea whelk was a cousin of the top shell and it was sweet and moist with lily buds. The XO sauce was absolutely indulgent and intense with flavour, it totally fraganced the vegetables.

4rd course
4th course was Braised Ocean sun fish cartilage with goose’s web and seasonal greens in superior oyster sauce. This was the first time i was ever served goose web! Thus I was hesitant ala fear de factor~! Goose web tasted so well stewed, the slight meat and skin around it was like foie gras! Fatty and yet light. The cartilage was like a hardie jelly. This dish was new to me and i was astounded with positive effect.

5th course
5th course was Steamed vermicelli with live prawns in teo chew style. The sauce was an alteration subsitute to the steamed fish with vermecilli and live prawns. It was great as the vermicelli absorbed all the goodness of the salted vegetable sauce with chilli. Prawns were absolutely fresh and tasted naturally sweet.

Dessert was a chinese cake with a glass of jelly to soothe the throat. Service was impeccable. I would certainly reccomend friends who would like to have a chit chat session over dinner. It is a good 2 1/2 hrs for everyone who savour the delicious food at their own pace.

Dining Venues Featured:

Name: Double Bay Restaurant
Cuisine: Western, Australian
Location: 252 North Bridge Road #01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre


Name: Hua Ting Restaurant
Cuisine: Cantonese, Asian
Location:442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel

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