Lunch @ Au Petite Salut

We headed to Au Petite Salut for some chic de chic french restaurant gourmet ala haute cuisine for Eugener’s birthday. The weather was fantastic, it was perched to face the “foresty greenery”.

lobster bisque
i had a lobster bisque soup with a dumpling of gasp! Lobster! How refreshing!

foie gras
Followed by foie gras, the portion was generous and the sauce was caramelised onions and green minty leafs. The Foie gras was fried to perfection, thin custy outside and moist inside.

main course
The main course was a duck confit, the skin is crispy and moist inside with the beans moist and full of flavor, generous slab of vegetables was dressed with in.

Choc cake
Lastly the dessert was a warm Choc cake, oozing with choc juice, with a creamy choc ice cream to compliment.

Ginger bread
The other dessert was two pieces of ginger bread with apricot walnut ice cream! Absoulutely decadent!

A fantastic meal indeed!

Dining venue featured:

Name: Au Petite Salut
Cuisine: French
Location: 40C Harding Road, Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)

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